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Oct 12, 2012 6:00am EDT
don't play any role, romney can talk -- people leave. of course, they do. you don't expect a bunch of romney people to leave and start a gingrich super pac. the point is that i've been out of contact with the campaign. if we take it from there, let's go on and look more at a couple of key points. the first, the real money is not in (c)(4)'s. there figures to october 6 show that super pacs spend about twice as much as c-4 groups. that's not really what the big money is. >> is not just the stuff that is reported to the federal election commission. will have to go to that in a minute. (c)(4) groups or fashion of spending yourself in this campaign. they will not spend as much in total as the obama campaign alone will. that's, all (c)(4) groups for all races in this cycle. and that's just the reality of the. the obama campaign will spend more. let's talk about who's -- these are ordinary citizens and, of course, they're not ordinary citizens but let's think about this a bit. when foster friess funded a super pac back for rick santorum, today keep ordinary citizens being heard or did that m
Oct 11, 2012 6:00am EDT
to be here on behalf of the president's re-election campaign to talk about his record on national security and to highlight some to have major differences between -- of the major differences between the president and governor romney. over the past four years, the president has amazed a strong -- amassed a strong record. he'd dealt with foreign crises, taken strong action against those who threaten u.s. interests and has seized the opportunities presented by democratic openings in the middle east and beyond. proven himself to be a tough and smart commander in chief who has remained steady in the face of adversity. under the president's leadership, al-qaeda has been decimated, the iraq war has been ended with honor, u.s. forces in afghanistan have begun a critically important transition, iran has never been more isolated, and the libyan people have a chance to reclaim their freedom following the removal of moammar gadhafi from power. the president has shored up the nation's homeland defenses, redoubled the commitment to america's veterans, stood up for human rights across the globe
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2